Catalog of the balls

We produce balls for a dry pool in three sizes: 60 mm., 70 mm. and 80 mm.

Standard equipment "mix" consists of four bright colors - red, blue, yellow, light green. You can choose any colors from 20 different colors

The color palette now has 20 shades, all the balls have bright and saturated colors that do not dim with time, and very soon we will launch into the market exclusive colors of balls glowing in the dark.

Below are all the colors produced. If you have not found the desired shade - ready to discuss the details of the order.

For mega-projects of dry pools for adults, we offer:

  • White balls for a dry pool
  • Transparent balls, (especially if uses with backlights)
  • Glowing in the ltraviolet balls

(For projects with ultraviolet illumination, balls are used that glow in the ultraviolet. Bright in daylight, these balls become truly fabulous in ultraviolet illumination, creating unique sensations and extraordinary delight.)

Recently, balls of gentle pastel tones, “milky colors”, which are more in demand among the smallest audience, have entered the line of produced colors. These shades are widely used by manufacturers of dry pools and modules for apartments, kindergartens, Montessori rooms.

Sertificate of the balls

Ball colors available:


Color of the ball: Cacao


Color of the ball: Cappuccino

Fir Tree

Color of the ball: Fir Tree


Color of the ball: Oliva


Color of the ball: Powder

Pink Pearl

Color of the ball: Pink Pearl


Color of the ball: Creamy

Blue perl

Color of the ball - blue perl


Color of the ball - silver

Light grey

Color of the ball - light grey


Color of the ball - golden


Color of the ball - beige

Milk purple

Color of the ball - milk purple

Milky blue

Color of the balls: milky blue

Milk and mint

Color of the balls: milk and mint

Milk pink

Color of the balls: milk pink


Color of the balls: pearl


Color of the balls: red


Color of the balls: yellow


Color of the balls: Orange


Color of the balls: green


Color of the balls: lime

light blue

Color of the balls: light blue

dark blue

Color of the balls: dark blue


Color of the balls: violet


Color of the balls: pink


Color of the balls: mint


Color of the balls: white


Color of the balls: transparent


Color of the balls: grey

The black

Color of the balls: the black

Variations of the color mix

Balls for the dry pool, mix of 5th colors

Balls for the dry pool, mix of 3th colors

Balls for the dry pool, mix of 3th colors

Balls for the dry pool, mix of 4th colors

Balls for the dry pool, mix of 4th colors

Balls for the dry pool, mix of 3th colors

Balls for the dry pool, mix of 3th colors

Balls for the dry pool, mix 3th colors

Packing of our balls for the dry pool

Balls for the dry pool, mix of 4th colors

Minimum lot of 3 000 pieces.

Our dry pool balls are packaged as standard:

  • Balls with a diameter of 60 mm: 800 pcs
  • Balls with a diameter of 70 mm: 100/150/500 pieces
  • Balls with a diameter of 80 mm: 350 pcs

Under the order packaging options are discussed.

Balls for the dry pool

Our balls are made in Russia from a polymer permitted for use in the medical and food industries, they have a certificate of compliance with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (Customs Union). Our balls are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe.

Our balls for a dry pool have increased resistance to stress and strain, and most importantly, they are odorless.

All our balls are absolutely smooth, elastic and soft and therefore you can be sure that playing in a dry pool, your child will not be scratched or injured.

Our balls for dry pools are designed for both children and adults. They are perfect for rest rooms, children's playrooms, rehabilitation centers.

We recommend using plastic balls to fill dry pools, inflatable pools or playpen for children. household dry pools, balls for labyrinths and play areas in shopping and entertainment centers, balls for trampoline centers as an alternative to foam cubes and event agencies.

Bright colored balls can also be used as educational material for the development of the child.

We will be glad to see you among our partners!

We offer individual conditions for entertainment malls and shopping complexes

  • Diameter of the balls: 60 mm / 70 mm / 80 mm

  • Packaging: 50/100/250/500 pcs.

Approximately 3000 D-70mm balls will fit in 1 m 3

balls for the dry pool

bolls for the dry pool


balls for the dry pool

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