Even more color! New colors for ball

Молочные цвета шариков для сухого бассейна

Even more color! The color line of our dry pool balls has been replenished with seven new colors:

  • Cocoa
  • Cappuccino
  • Fir Tree
  • Oliva
  • Powder
  • Pink pearls
  • Creamy

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Раппа Экспо – 2020

Каждый год мы принимаем участие в ежегодной выставке в сфере развлечений Раппа. 

Этот год не стал исключением, и мы ждали всех наших друзей, партнеров и потенциальных клиентов на нашем стенде на XXII Международной выставке «Аттракционы и развлекательное оборудование РАППА ЭКСПО – 2020», которая прошла 12-14 марта 2020, Москва, ВДНХ, пав. 75.

Компания Кассон на международной выставке РАППА 2020

Были рады встречам со страыми и новыми партнерами и коллегами!

New! Balls glowing in the ultraviolet!

Balls for a dry pool already became a popular entertainment for children and adults. But we gone further elaborating Unique ideas so we are planning to launch a novelty on the market. It will be not less than real hit for any entertainment center or complexes. For sure.

We present a novelty in the entertainment industry - balls glowing in the ultraviolet for a dry pool. In daylight, these are just ordinary bright balls, and in ultraviolet they turn into flashlights shining with magical light. Unforgettable feelings are guaranteed!

The balls are made using a fluorescent dye based on linear polyethylene, glowing in the dark, they are completely harmless and safe to use. These dyes are permitted for use in the manufacture of packaging for food and clothing, including children's..

shariki fluor vodznak shariki kasson vodznak

You can pre-order balls by phone +7-495-506-20-05

Participation in exhibitions

The company "Kasson" is a regular participant in the exhibitions of the entertainment industry and entertainment equipment "Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA". At the exhibition, you can evaluate the quality of Kasson balls, see the colors, compare with competitors. Our regular partners are many exhibitors - manufacturers of children's play equipment, labyrinths, dry pools, the largest network of amusement parks. The exhibition has all the necessary conditions for building partnerships, discussing pressing issues and discussing the prospects for further cooperation.

You can pre-order balls by phone + 7-495-506-20-05

We offer individual conditions for entertainment malls and shopping complexes

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