Dry pools filled with balls are a great place to have fun for children and adults! Such an active way of spending your free time can bring health benefits especially nowadays when so much time is spent sitting! Our bright and colourful designs can be found in several locations: large shopping and entertainment centers, preschool institutions, game rooms and other places of leisure. The large dry pool models are usually located in bigger public spaces, however, the compact dry pools can be installed in smaller private spaces - even your child’s room!  

Our company "Kasson", has been engaged in the production of toys from plastics since 1996 and since 2003 the production of balls for dry pools has been launched. Since then, a unique manufacturing technology has been developed, where now the material mixture formulation and the production technology have been developed in such a way that the balls have the necessary softness which eliminates the possibility to injure even the youngest children when playing in the pool. However, at the same time the balls have sufficient strength to withstand more than 20,000 times its own weight! The “Kasson” balls are strong, safe and  they quickly restore shape after compression, therefore they can be also used in dry pools for adults. The material that is used in the production process has all the necessary quality certificates and it is approved to be used in the food and medical industries.

We generally sell our “Kasson'' balls only wholesale. If you are planning to buy balls for a dry pool, contact our managers by email or phone to discuss delivery details!

шарики для сухого бассейна

Our polymeric balls for the dry pool can be used:

  • for children's and adult dry pools
  • for sensory rooms
  • in trampoline centers
  • in gaming and entertainment complexes
  • in children's labyrinths
  • for weddings

We have special offers for entertainment malls and shopping complexes!

Our balls for dry pools


Have a certificate of compliance with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (Customs Union)


The balls have an increased resistance to shock and cracking, ideal for adults


Balls are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odorless, can be used for games and training

Fastly restored

After compression, the balls quickly restore their shape.

Ball palette in 27 color variations

  • Diameter of the balls: 60 mm / 70 mm / 80 mm

  • Packaging: 50/100/250/500 pcs.

Approximately 3000 D-70mm balls will fit in 1 m 3

balls for the dry pool

bolls for the dry pool


balls for the dry pool

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