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Calculator number of balls allows you to make an approximate calculation of their quantity. You can find out the exact quantity and cost of balls, if you send us a completed form, as well as in sales offices or by phone: + 7-495-366-90-32

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How to calculate how many balls are needed to fill a dry pool

Balls for dry pool, bals for children's pool

Often the question arises: how many balls for a dry pool you need to buy to fill the pool, playpen or game room. To calculate the number of balls you need to know:

  • size of balls (6,7 or 8 mm)
  • how high do you want to fill the pool with balls
  • length and width or diameter of the pool.
  • Just enter the required data and get the approximate number of balls to fill the dry pool

For example, to fill a square dry pool measuring 90 cm by 90 cm and filling height of 30 cm with balls, you will need about 500 balls with a diameter of 70 mm.

You can also choose the colors of the balls for the dry pool.

We offer individual conditions for entertainment malls and shopping complexes

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balls for the dry pool

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